Our Brands

  • DrayTek

    7, August, 2014

    DrayTek, established in 1997 by a group of talented engineers, is now the world-leading supplier of state-of-the-art networking solutions. DrayTek’s solutions, range from enterprise-level firewalls, mission-critical
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  • Revolution Acoustics
    Revolution Acoustics

    21, July, 2014

    Revolution Acoustics have used innovative, bleeding edge technology to produce the Invisibles™, a series of products which include Multiducers™(Multifunctional Transducers) and RA2™ Intelligent Multiducer™ Amplifiers  that
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  • Definitive Technology Cube
    Definitive Technology

    10, May, 2014

    Definitive Technology is the best selling speaker brand in the USA. Their continued quality and success has attracted their new partner, John Legend. Definitive Technology, supply
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  • Peachtree Audio
    Peachtree Audio

    17, April, 2014

    Peachtree Audio made their mark when they launched with the ground breaking Decco amplifier, in 2007. The Decco was the world’s first integrated amplifier to
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  • Ice Cable Systems
    ICE Cable Systems

    16, April, 2014

    ICE Cable Systems is one of the leading cable manufacturers in the USA. They offer products including HDMI and Speaker cables catering to all your needs as an
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  • Mass Fidelity
    Mass Fidelity

    17, March, 2014

    Mass Fidelity is a community of audiophiles, designers, and engineers based in Toronto, Canada. Their mission is to bring high fidelity listening experiences to all facets
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  • Lutron

    16, March, 2014

    Lutron is a world leader in lighting control define the terms pioneer and innovation.  SD GROUP understands this brand well, and are always willing to assist installers
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We assist dealer’s businesses by providing them in-demand products and hands-on customer service!
Value Added Services
SD Group is focused on providing high quality audio-visual, automation and personal electronic products to key industry players in the commercial, residential and retail markets throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa.
We are dedicated to delivering products and solutions that add value to first and foremost, our dealers, but most importantly – the end users. Using the ideology of providing a select range quality products, we manage to maintain high satisfaction levels by cultivating our expertise and support structure to offer A-grade support.
We are proud of the brands we supply! We make sure to put each product through thorough testing before aligning ourselves with the various brands.