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Why Peachtree?
Peachtree Audio introduced its first product, the groundbreaking Decco amplifier, in 2007. The Decco was the world's first integrated amplifier to feature a USB input, allowing its onboard digital-to-analog converter to process music files directly from a computer.

Peachtree Audio Timeline
Early 2004: Signal Path International (later to be known simply as Peachtree Audio) introduces Era loudspeakers.
Late 2007: Peachtree launches the Decco, one of the first integrated amplifiers in the world to provide a USB input.
Early 2009: Peachtree introduces the Nova to immediate success.
Mid 2009: Peachtree Audio officially made an MFi (Made for iPod) partner.
Early 2010: Introduction of the iDecco and Decco2. The iDecco is the first integrated amplifier in the world to have an iPod dock certified by Apple.
Mid 2010: Era D4 and D5 loudspeakers - designed and manufactured by Peachtree's founders since 2004 - now proudly display the Peachtree Audio name.
Late 2010: The musicBox, with its built-in iPod dock, is introduced.
Early 2011: The iDac and iNova are the latest Peachtree "i" products.
Late 2011: Peachtree brings the price of performance down with the DAC•iT.
Late 2011 - early 2012: Peachtree Audio introduces the Grand series, plus new Decco and Nova models. Go to the Peachtree Audio website...
I have to say it is hard to imagine a better sounding combination. We have run them through very loud rock, classical, quartets, folk, vocals, electronic and it all sounds just terrific." -Michael T.

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