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The world has been longing for invisible audio since audio was invented. Revolution Acoustics has responded with class-leading solutions. Sound is all about moving air. For decades, the audio industry has used the wrong mechanisms to move the air; small inefficient dynamic drivers. Revolution Acoustics takes a much better approach to this concept by actually using the very objects that surround us… walls, windows, furniture and so on. Enter the innovative SSP6-T audio Multiducers™ (multifunctional transducers).

After years of research and development, they are singlehandedly resolving challenging audio installation problems through outstanding engineering and patented technology. These transducers can be applied, with ease, to almost any substrate (panel), instantly causing the material to which a Multiducers™ are affixed to become a massive high fidelity audio radiator. Simplicity personified - coupled with outstanding performance.

Revolution Acoustics is not only about Multiducer™ technology but a systems approach to invisible audio. Using the RA2™ dedicated intelligent digital coupled to the SSP6 Multiducers™, has changed the rules of the game creating a system that can tackle just about any conventional audio need as well as an incredible array of solution driven applications where quality audio distribution was simply not possible before.Revolution Acoustics gives “voice” to our built environments, magically transforming how we interact with them. Go to the Revolution Acoustics website...
"...amazing sound, I can see a lot of applications for it..." - US Custom Installer