VigorAP Series
DrayTek's VigorAP 910C, VigorAP 900 and VigorAP 902 wireless access points are are ideal for the hospitality industry, small offices and small campuses. The VigorAP series supports multiple operating modes, such as wireless access point, wireless client, wireless distribution system (WDS) and universal repeater. The VigorAP series makes high density with quality-performance be feasible for users as it can be implemented with DrayTek central wireless management (AP Management) which allows for central configuration, firmware upgrade, status, monitoring, and load-balancing.

The benefits of central wireless management ( AP Management)

VigorAPs can operate in standalone mode for your office network or a classroom; connected to your LAN and offering you wireless access. If your network requires several VigorAP units, to centrally manage and monitor them individually as a group will be expected. DrayTek central wireless management (AP Management) lets control, efficiency, monitoring and security of your company-wide wireless access be easily managed. Inside the web user interface, we call “central wireless management” as AP Management which supports mobility, client monitoring/reporting and load-balancing to multiple APs. For central wireless management, you will need a Vigor2860 or Vigor2925 series router; there is no per-node licensing or subscription required. With the unified user interface of Vigor2860 Combo WAN series and Vigor2925 Triple WAN series, the multiple deployment of VigorAP 910C can be clear at the first sight. For multiple wireless clients, to apply the AP Load Balancing to the multiple APs will manage wireless traffic with smooth flow and enhanced efficiency.

PoE for easy installation

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) on VigorAPs relieves the installation of power plug. The massive deployment of VigorAPs for hospitals, hotels, and campuses will be much easier.
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